Tuesday, June 20

Big Boobs Girl Yurizan

Shot on location for us in California, the LA beauty with the babydoll face brought along a little friend to part her pretty pussy for this lingerie pictorial. It's still hard to believe that Yurizan says that guys don't hit on her much, especially since Yurizan has always dressed like the hot chick since high school, proud of her gorgeous body and happy to decorate it in sexy clothing. She's got the look and was even a Hooters waitress for a while. No surprise there. "She leaves me utterly speechless. What a fine piece of ass," commented Jay under one of Yurizan's earlier layouts. Yurizan likes "cooking, baking and riding my bicycle on the beach." She likes to watch Friends ("Love the reruns.") her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and her favorite group is Nirvana. When she goes out with friends to a club, she likes to have a Red Headed Slut. "The drink, not the shot," clarifies Yurizan, a Fredericks of Hollywood customer.

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