Sunday, December 31

Yuri Luv 3 Way with Claudia Valentine

I figured I'd give myself a really nice present this year, how about the gorgeous Claudia Valentine! Watch as we feast on each others tits, ass and pussies. Oh and Claudia has a present for me? Yes a nice hot guy with a nice hard cock. It's always better to spend time in bed with 2 others, rather then 1 other, trust me and see! Please enjoy this 3 Way Fuck with Claudia Valentine!

Thursday, November 23

Yurizan Beltran With The Sybian

Sexy Yurizan Beltran gets down to business with the Sybian! She strips off her clothes, wasting no time. She sucks the big cock, getting it nice and wet. Her pussy gets naturally wet as she blows it. She lowers her pretty little pussy on the sex machine and goes for a fun and naughty ride.

Tuesday, October 10

Yuri Luv in Working Out with Veronica and Ed

I decided to meet my new friend, Veronica Rodriguez at the gym today, first we oiled ourselves up a bit then made our way over to the Inner Outer Thigh Machine, I knew this would me the easiest and fastest way to get her legs wide open! You see, I had this whole thing planned out, we would be the only ones at the gym (except for Ed of course), I would start fooling around with Veronica then I would spot a hot stud across the way, this is where my boyfriend Ed Strokes cums in, and a 3 way hot fuck session would be on! Everything went as I planned, as soon as Veronica started exercising, opening and closing her legs, I had my hand down her tight gym shorts, fingering her tight pussy. Once Ed came over we were well on our way! What a work out!

Tuesday, August 29

Yurizan Sexy Masturbation Video

If you are in the mood for a sexy masturbation video, then you have come to the right place. The gorgeous Yurizan Beltran was in a very naughty mood. She enjoyed the big toy inside her wet little pussy and even enjoyed a finger in her tight little ass!

Tuesday, August 22

Yurizan Beltran, Naughty Slut Shows Off Her Big Tits

Yurizan Beltran is a brunette slut with giant tits and an insatiable pussy. Mr. Pete goes to town on this vixen in this scene from Bra Busters #2. She sucks his cock and he gives it right back to her by sucking on her giant tits and filling her pussy up with his big cock. This beautiful, tattooed babe loves to ride and scream - yup, she's a loud one, and it's fucking hot. See this pretty girl take a nice, big, wet load to her face too - what else could you want?

Tuesday, June 20

Big Boobs Girl Yurizan

Shot on location for us in California, the LA beauty with the babydoll face brought along a little friend to part her pretty pussy for this lingerie pictorial. It's still hard to believe that Yurizan says that guys don't hit on her much, especially since Yurizan has always dressed like the hot chick since high school, proud of her gorgeous body and happy to decorate it in sexy clothing. She's got the look and was even a Hooters waitress for a while. No surprise there. "She leaves me utterly speechless. What a fine piece of ass," commented Jay under one of Yurizan's earlier layouts. Yurizan likes "cooking, baking and riding my bicycle on the beach." She likes to watch Friends ("Love the reruns.") her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and her favorite group is Nirvana. When she goes out with friends to a club, she likes to have a Red Headed Slut. "The drink, not the shot," clarifies Yurizan, a Fredericks of Hollywood customer.

Tuesday, April 4

Yurizan Beltran Masturbates

Yurizan Beltran is so super sexy.. it's unbelievable! She unleashes her big natural breasts from her bra and has a lot of playful time with them. She strips off her black panties and fingers her warm, wet pussy. Once she gets herself all excited and turned on she masturbates with her big black cock.